Zac Efron Nose Job Plastic Surgery

I suppose pretty much everyone has heard and seen the rumors of Zac Efron's alleged nose job plastic surgery, right?

And while their are plenty of people who swear he had something done to his nose, i just don't think it was plastic surgery. Clearly when this before photo was taken, he had a look of growing to do, and noses do in fact grow last time i checked.

How do you feel about these plastic surgery rumors?


Zac Efron Height

I'm sure many of you are wonder how tall Zac Efron is, and that's why were here! To provide useful information about the young studly actor, Zac Efron.

Zac Efron height: 5 feet 10 inches.

The perfect height for a perfect person!

Before reading this post, how tall did you think Zac Efron was? Be honest now!


Zac Efron Bad Hair Day

This bad hair day picture of Zac Efron has been floating around the web for quite some time now, and it really is quite funny.

Seriously what was Zac thinking when he stepped out with this mop top hairstyle?

I guess even the most cool and edgy kids can slip up every now and then.


Zac Efron Look A Like

Is it just me or does Chace Crawford look very similar to Zac Efron?

I think they are perfect celebrity look a likes!


Zac Efron Smile

Boy do i love the smile of Zac Efron, this studly young man has got to have the most handsome celebrity smile i have seen in the business in quite some time.

Here's the challenge, you find a better smile than Zac Efron's, and I'll give you a cookie.